Goldsboro North Carolina Lawyers

We are a team of highly-skilled Goldsboro, North Carolina, attorneys, but we are also regular people, just like you. When we find ourselves facing non-legal matters, we turn to those with knowledge and experience with the problem. We understand how difficult it can be to make a choice about matters that are unfamiliar.

Knowledge Is Power

Since 1976, our lawyers have been helping people throughout North Carolina by negotiating, mediating and litigating to resolve a wide range of legal issues. We provide in-depth counsel to establish a relationship that makes our clients feel confident and cared for. We thoroughly explain the legal issues involved and the potential outcomes to assist people in their decision-making process.

We know how to effectively and cost-efficiently navigate the legal system on behalf of our clients. We regularly receive referrals from colleagues, clients and members of our Goldsboro community.

Wayne County Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability Attorneys

The attorneys and legal professionals at Baddour, Parker, Hine & Hale, P.C. anticipate your needs to ensure we are proactive in protecting your rights and pursuing your interests.

When you seek our legal counsel, we initiate a series of actions to produce immediate results for your case, such as:

  • Requesting all relevant documents and records
  • Visiting the scene of the injury
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Consulting with external resources, if necessary
  • Reviewing the laws and guidelines that may apply to your case
  • Contacting opposing counsel

From the first day you retain our services, we initiate a thorough legal process that includes collaborating with others in the firm to take advantage of our broad scope of legal knowledge.

Our skilled attorneys represent individuals, businesses, and municipal and county governments throughout the state in cases of auto accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, personal injury, estate litigation, brain injury, wrongful death, workers' compensation, Social Security Disability, civil litigation, product liability, wills, trusts, estates, business law, taxation and government matters.

Contact us to arrange a convenient, private meeting with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

We offer free consultations, at no obligation, to all people who have become injured and/or are struggling with workers' compensation or Social Security Disability claims.