Baddour, Parker, Hine & Hale, P.C.

Our Goldsboro personal injury, workers' compensation, estate litigation and Social Security Disability lawyers work closely with all the other lawyers in our firm.

At Baddour, Parker, Hine & Hale, P.C., our goal is to achieve your goal and we utilize all of our resources to do that. We join forces with each other, as well as experts, when building our legal strategies.

Our attorneys have established long-standing relationships with others in the legal community and experts in a wide range of industries. This ensures that our cases are based on facts and supported by experienced professionals.

This comprehensive legal approach, supported by our skilled legal professionals, state-of-the-art technology and the most current legal research materials, has been the basis of our winning legal team.

In addition to offering more than 40 years of legal experience, we provide North Carolinians with convenient services such as:

  • Free personal injury case evaluations
  • Free workers' compensation claim and Social Security Disability claim consultations
  • Flexible payment options
  • Direct and prompt accessibility to your attorney
  • Contingency fee representation in select cases

If There Is No Settlement, There Is No Fee

Our contingency fee representation is based upon our ability to settle or litigate your case. Our accomplished lawyers have a solid track record of successfully settling personal injury, workers' compensation and Social Security Disability claims, but we will not charge for our services in the event that we cannot obtain compensation for your injuries.

Our reputable law firm is as solid as the building we reside in.

In 1840, William Robinson traveled from Ireland to Wayne County and made his home at 208 South William Street. Twenty-five years later, his 10-year-old son, Thomas, sat on the brick wall in front of the house and watched as Sherman's army marched through Goldsboro. Many years after that, his great grandson Tom was elected as the mayor of Goldsboro. In 1935, Frank Taylor, former speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, purchased the property and built the structure that is currently our office. In 1976, our firm bought the house on South William Street.

Since that time, our attorneys have worked many long hours in this historic building to create innovative legal strategies and resolve complex legal issues for thousands of people throughout North Carolina.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your concerns and your legal options.

Please contact us to arrange a confidential meeting with one of our attorneys.

We offer free consultations, at no obligation, to all people who have become injured and/or are struggling with workers' compensation or Social Security Disability claims.